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The 3 Steps to SEO Success


Google must see your site as being relevant for the keyphrase(s) you are targeting. We call this onsite SEO.


Your site must be free of issues & penalties to rank. Over 85% of un-optimised sites have a significant penalty.


Providing your site is both relevant and issue free, you can rank high in Google by building inbound links to your website.
Our FREE SEO package covers ALL areas of the above and will take you well on your way to ranking success!

What can I get if I qualify?


We provide Onsite Guidelines to show you exactly how to make your site as Google and SEO Friendly as it possibly can be. Remember the Onsite is the foundation for any successful SEO Campaign.

We will also send you guides on how to create your own Social Media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and Apple Maps. These guides include tips on how to use those profiles effectively to market your own business.

Social Bookmarks Submission and Directory Submission

We submit your website to the most important social bookmarks on the internet, essential to bring potential traffic to your website.

Get listed in the right directories to boost your exposure online.

By listing your website in the top directories, your website will get the required exposure online and visibility online.

Google+ Local and Google+ Business

Let people discover your business! We'll teach you how to get your local business listed in Google+ in simple, easy steps.

Themed Links

The king of all traffic builders. We'll build TOP QUALITY links to your website - just watch your site climb up the Google rankings!

Free SEO Company

Search engine optimisation is essential to the success of any online business, as without it you are unlikely to pick up enough traffic to your website to maximise its potential. Read More »

The main aim is to get your website higher rankings and in turn more sales and we are offering a comprehensive service completely free. We have broken down the principle elements of successful SEO work into three main steps. Relevancy is the first step, which relates to Google viewing your site as being relevant in regards to the keyphrases that you are trying to target and which we call onsite SEO. Moving on to step two and we have issues and penalties.

In simple terms this means that in order for your website to rank, it must be totally free of any issues or penalties. It is a little unknown fact that over 85% of un-optimised websites have a significant penalty, so this is a serious concern that must be addressed properly. Step three of our free SEO services is related to links. Once your website has become both relevant to the key phrases and completely free of issues and penalties you will then be able to rank high in Google by virtue of building inbound links to your website. The description given is a brief outline of the steps we will take to get your website high up in Google, but to get more details and information, plus to apply for the free SEO program you simply have to take a minute or so completing the form provided. Our experts in SEO will then be able to assess your website and within a few days inform you if it qualifies. And the more qualified your website is, the more free search engine optimisation you will get. Back to snippet »

Free SEO Services

If your website does qualify then it will enjoy a raft of benefits. Firstly, we give your website a SEO tune up by checking and modifying the core SEO components to ensure that it is relevant for target keyphrases. Read More »

It is then thoroughly analysed to locate and fix the issues and penalties. Search Engine Submissions is another procedure that we will undertake, which means that your website will be submitted to the internetís most important search engines. This is absolutely imperative if you want to bring potential traffic to your site. At the end of the day the aim of search engine optimisation is to bring as much traffic to your site as possible, as the more people that see your product or service the more business you are going to get.

As such we submit your website to both the most important web directories and the top social bookmarks, which are both excellent sources for more traffic, inbound links and PR to your website. As a free SEO company we hope that people will appreciate our service, and to see what online businesses have had to say about us, you are welcome to read their testimonials some of which we have put up for your convenience. Another method of bringing in more traffic and links to your site that we carry out is blog and article submission. This involves writing an interesting article about your site and then submitting it to a number of different article hosting websites and blogs. Finally, we proceed with building top quality links to your site, which we know to be the best way of building up traffic. Once all these tasks are set in motion you will be able to sit back and watch your once static website rise up the Google rankings. Back to snippet »

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